Baddie PFPs: 10+ Cool and Aesthetic PP for Instagram & Discord

A baddie is a girl who is super attractive. She slays whether she’s wearing a tight dress or sweatpants. She has curves in all the right places. They have self-respect and fight for what they believe in and like having fun. From a good little girl that nobody thought was going nowhere to a Baddie that is successful in life. A female who can hold her own and take care of herself. They are very pretty and independent. Let us know more about the trend of being a baddie and you can download profile pictures below for your Instagram, Discord & Twitter.

The baddie is a bad girl who is always on fleek and slaying the game. Most of the time these baddies grew up from being bullied or lacking confidence. Now they have the confidence to be themselves and to do what they dreamed of doing all this time.

Sometimes a baddie is defined as a bad girl. She usually is thick and has fleek makeup. Posts booty pics and can be defined as a freak. They also believe that girls who are bad are extremely attractive to guys.

There are some who are called Instagram Baddie. Normally an Instagram baddie is a woman who always looks flawless. She’s always wearing the latest trends. Baddies also do their own makeup. In fact, they are known for having fleek brows.

Did you enjoy knowing more about being a baddie while having a chance to download these cool and aesthetic profile pictures? Don’t forget that you can also use these profile pictures for any website that requires an avatar. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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