10+ Bakugou PFPs For Discord, Tiktok & Reddit

Katsuki Bakugou with the hero name Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight is the childhood friend of the main protagonist in the anime series titled My Hero Academia. He is a student of UA Highschool and is training to become a professional hero. Bakugou is also considered the deuteragonist in the series. If you like to use Bakugou as PFP you can download the photos below and use this on your social media accounts.

At the beginning of the series, Bakugou is portrayed as an arrogant and short-tempered person. He is one of the bullies and often brags about his explosive quirk powers. He is the one who gave the nickname “Deku” to Midoriya which means useless. During his time in school, he seems like a villain and he tends to do unheroic acts.

After suffering several defeats including defeat in the fight with Deku. His character was changed into a less antagonistic person and he became an important student at UA Highschool. The previously short-tempered Bakugou became very intelligent and patient which made him able to plan strategically during fights. He slowly becomes mature and he became one of the genius with a high probability of being the top pro hero.

Bakugou is now considered one of the strongest students in UA Highschool. He has a unique style of fighting. He’s taking advantage of his explosion quirks to propel himself while fighting making him very versatile in different situations. He can also propel himself mid-air and use the recoil of his quirk for mobility.

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