10+ Hatake Kakashi PFPs For Tiktok, Instagram & Discord

Who would forget the copy ninja and the sixth Hokage in the well-known anime series Naruto? If you are an avid fan of Naruto you already know that we are talking about Kakashi Hatake the teacher of Team 7. Let’s know more about Kakashi while we are showing you some PFPs that you can download and use as your profile picture on any of your social media accounts.

Young Kakashi PFPs

During Kakashi’s childhood, he is considered one of the most talented ninjas of his generation. He is often described as a genius who is very independent and confident with his skills. When it comes to battles he is very calm and has a great perception of what’s happening within the area. Some people also describe him to have a cold personality during his childhood days which made some fans to be more attracted to the young version of him and use it as their profile pictures.


Adult Kakashi PFPs

Kakashi’s personality as an adult was the complete opposite of his younger days. He is often seen to show a happy-go-lucky attitude. Even though he became famous and stronger as the years went by, he did not show any sign of arrogance and become more discreet about his abilities. He became the type of character that always go to a quiet place and read his books. Even though his personality become more relaxed it did not stop fans to adore his cool personality which made them use his adult version as a profile picture on their Discord, Instagram and Tiktok


Sixth Hokage Kakashi PFPs

Even though the timeline of Kakashi being a Hokage is very short because of his resignation, it did not hinder the fans to get the chance to see him wearing the iconic Hokage cloak. Not only it is very cool to see him wearing the said cloak it also highlighted his skills in decision-making and making strategies. These PFPs were the three instances where Kakashi was seen wearing his Hokage cloak that most fans use as their profile picture on their social media accounts.


Did you like these different versions of Kakashi? Which of them do you like the most? Don’t forget that you can also use them on any website that requires an avatar. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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