10+ Zero Two PFPs for TikTok, Discord & Minecraft

Zero Two is a character from the anime Darling in the Franxx. She is a Parasite, and her job is to pilot with Hiro. She was born in the Garden of Eden, and she has horns that are considered a sign of beauty, which also makes her a popular choice for TikTok and Discord pfp. Her horns are considered to be her most attractive feature among Darling in the Franxx fans.

She was created by Klaxosaurs, and she has one parent who is an adult Klaxosaur who has been modified to look like a human woman, and one parent who is an adult Klaxosaur that has been modified to look like an elderly human with grey hair. No doubt that she is a lovely anime girl and she makes a eye-catching profile picture.

Zero Two’s personality is described as being “reckless” and “violent”. She likes to fight other parasites because it makes her feel better about herself. She also likes to drink alcohol because it helps her forget about her past experiences with other parasites. If you have similar personal traits and use Zero Two as your pfp on social networks, here are our favorite Zero Two pfps:

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